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The Australian Journal of Law & Religion – Volume 4

Volume 4 of the Australian Journal of Law & Religion has been published. It is a special issue on Theology and Jurisprudence co-edited and published by Associate Professor Alex Deagon. Among many excellent articles, it contains an article on Christianity and Law in the Enlightenment by world-leading law and religion expert Distinguished Professor John Witte Jr, writing with the late Harold J. Berman (Harvard Emeritus Professor and author of the paradigm-altering volumes on Law and Revolution). This article, and all other articles in Volume 4 can be downloaded for free from the Australian Journal of Law & Religion website.

About Alex Deagon

Dr Alex Deagon is an Associate Professor in the School of Law at QUT. He is an internationally recognised researcher in religious freedom. Alex is currently working on his third book, Christian Natural Law and Religious Freedom: A Foundation Based on Love, the True and the Good, which will be published by Routledge in 2026. Alex’s article in Volume 4 of the Australian Journal of Law & Religion is an initial summary of the book.

More information about Alex and his research is available on his QUT academic profile.

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