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The Australian Journal of Law & Religion – Volume 3

Volume 3 of the Australian Journal of Law & Religion is now available. Volume 3 and all contributions can downloaded for free as PDFs from the Australian Journal of Law & Religion website.

About the Journal

The Australian Journal of Law & Religion is the first peer-reviewed, scholarly journal in the antipodes to focus on the interactions of faith and the legal system. Every issue features articles, short essays, and book reviews from a diverse array of scholars from across the spectrum of religions and ideologies. It is published with the support of the Law, Religion, and Heritage Research Program Team of the University of Southern Queensland.

All issues are available in print and free online through Gold Open Access. There is no fee for submissions or publication.

The Australian Journal of Law & Religion is co-edited by Associate Professor Alex Deagon from the QUT School of Law and Dr Jeremy Patrick from the University of Southern Queensland.

Contributions for Volume 3


  • Ysabel Andrea Abordo & Alex Deagon, Religious Freedom and Freedom from Religious Discrimination: Implications for the Religious Discrimination Bill
  • Guy Baldwin, Freedom of Religion Under the Australian Constitution: Is Proportionality the Answer?
  • Samuel Blanch, Legal Pluralism and Islamic Law in Australia
  • David Goodwin & Paul Reynolds, Congregational Religious Trusts in Victoria’s Churches of Christ
  • Andrew Hemming, Is Leaving God to Make the Choice an Answer to a Charge of Murder by Reckless Indifference to Human Life or Manslaughter? A Case Study of Queensland Criminal Law

Book reviews

  • Myriam Hunter-Henin, Review of A Principled Framework for the Autonomy of Religious Communities: Reconciling Freedom and Discrimination by Alex Deagon
  • Benjamin Saunders, Review of Christianity and Constitutionalism by Nicholas Aroney and Ian Leigh (eds.)

Special topic forum: Indigenous Spirituality and the Law

  • Darshan Datar, The Voice and Religious Freedom
  • Ivan Ingram, Cultural and Spiritual Loss in Native Title
  • Samsul Maarif, Indigenous Religious Freedom: A Goal to Pursue in Indonesia
  • Laura Rademaker, Country, Tradition, and Christianity in the Law

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For general enquiries, or to obtain print copies of the journal, please contact the AJLR editors.

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