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Technology companies and protecting our rights

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Professor Nicolas Suzor’s recent book, Lawless: The Secret Rules That Govern Our Digital Lives, examines the power that social media platforms, search engines, and other technology companies have over our lives and the need for new digital constitutions that protect our rights.

The book shows us how our social lives, our news, and our information environments are shaped by a complex web of legal, technical, and social forces.

Drawing on ten years of research, Nic’s book offers a vision of a vibrant, diverse, and flourishing internet that can protect our fundamental human rights. Lawless is a must-read for those that care about the internet and the future of our digital lives.

Lawless is available from A free open access full PDF of the book is also available.

About Nicolas SuzorProfessor Nicolas Suzor

Professor Nicolas Suzor researches the regulation of networked society. He is a Professor of the QUT School of Law, and a Chief Investigator of QUT’s Digital Media Research Centre.

Nic is also the Deputy Chair of Digital Rights Watch, an Australian non-profit organisation whose mission is to ensure that Australian citizens are equipped, empowered and enabled to uphold their digital rights.

You can learn more about Professor Nicolas Suzor and his research in his staff profile.

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