voluntary assisted dying

Patient and medical employee in a hospital setting

MAiD in Canada: Cautionary Tale or Model?

In the second episode of the QUT Global Law, Science and Technology Seminar Series for 2023, co-hosted by the Australian Centre for Health Law Research (ACHLR), Professor Jocelyn Downie described the legal status of Medical Assistance in Dying (MAiD) in Canada and explained what is happening in practice.…

Gardens Point and Brisbane

Postdoctoral Research Fellow opportunity

QUT’s Australian Centre for Health Law Research is seeking to appoint a new Postdoctoral Research Fellow for a 3 year appointment. The Postdoctoral Research Fellow will carry out research and support the undertaking of research projects about end-of-life law and voluntary assisted dying in Australia.  The position is…

Andrew Denton and Justice Peter Applegarth AM

ACHLR 9th Annual Public Oration

The Australian Centre for Health Law Research (ACHLR) hosted their 9th Annual Public Oration on March 29, 2022. This year’s oration, New Voluntary Assisted Dying Legislation, was delivered by Andrew Denton and Justice Peter Applegarth (Judge of the Supreme Court of Queensland and chairperson of the Queensland Law Reform Commission).…

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Physician attitudes to voluntary assisted dying

Voluntary assisted dying (VAD) became legal in the Australian state of Victoria on 19 June 2019 and will be legal in Western Australia from 2021. Other Australian states are progressing similar law reform processes. In Australia and internationally, doctors are central to the operation of all legal VAD…