Dr Elizabeth Rowe

Dr Elizabeth Rowe and her PhD journey

I started my PhD in 2013, after completing a Bachelor of Justice (Honours) at QUT. Doing a PhD through the School of Justice at QUT offered unique opportunities to work with experts in social justice and human rights. My PhD research examined the decision-making process of people seeking…

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Dr Eliana Close discusses research scholarships

Research scholarships provide funding to help students with general living costs while they focus on research studies, and the QUT Faculty of Law’s scholarship round is now open. Dr Eliana Close, Postdoctoral Research Fellow in the Faculty of Law, received scholarships from the QUT Faculty of Law to…

Applications now open for Higher Degree Research scholarships

QUT Law has opened their annual scholarship round for HDR scholarships. These scholarships are available to support new PhD/MPhil students interested in pursuing research in law. The Law School is uniquely placed in having legal experts available to supervise topics that involve innovative research that can make an…