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Katie Woolaston

Dr Katie Woolaston is awarded the WPSA Clay Morgan Award for Best Book in Environmental Political Theory

As QUT celebrates Sustainability Week, we congratulate Dr Katie Woolaston who has been awarded the Western Political Science Association (WPSA) Clay Morgan Award for Best Book in Environmental Political Theory. Ecological Vulnerability: The Law and Governance of Human–Wildlife Relationships examines human-wildlife conflict as a primary contributor to wildlife…

Theology and Jurisprudence Symposium: Call for Papers

Professor Paul Babie (University of Adelaide), Associate Professor Joshua Neoh (Australian National University), Dr Constance Lee (Central Queensland University) and Dr Alex Deagon (QUT), would like to invite law researchers to participate in a Theology and Jurisprudence Symposium at the Adelaide Law School (ALS) in South Australia on…

Artwork for Law, Technology and Humans publication

Law, Technology and Humans Volume 4 Issue 1

A new issue of Law, Technology and Humans has been published. From UNSW, Australia Lyria Bennett Moses, Jan Breckenridge, Joshua Gibson and Georgia Lyons provide an analyses of technology-facilitated domestic and family violence (TFDFV) through a privacy lens—drawing on privacy and DFV literature. Charles Lawson addresses the concerns…

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Law, Technology and Humans: Call for Papers

Symposium Jurisprudence of the Future 2022 Science fiction is the bubbling crucible from which technological society imagines its future. For legal scholars concerns with nomos, with how narrative, story and myth, forms normative universes, science fiction is particularly important. This symposium, edited by Associate Professor Mitch Travis (University…