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What happens when a robot writes a law article?

The Law, Technology and Humans Journal has published the first machine-generated law review article. Canadian law academics Benjamin Alarie (University of Toronto) and Arthur Cockfield (Queen’s University) approached the Journal’s Chief Editor Professor Kieran Tranter (Faculty of Business & Law) to have an AI software program known as…

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Is Australia ready for AI on the Bench?

The rapidly accelerating integration of artificial intelligence (AI) into our lives will soon affect court rooms and other legal environments in Australia, and critical threshold issues for a smooth integration of AI into court environments remain unexamined. We do not yet know whether Australian judges understand and/or trust…

Artificial Intelligence, Robots and the Law

Dr Michael Guihot (Senior Lecturer in the QUT Faculty of Law), in collaboration with Lyria Bennett Moses (Professor in the UNSW Sydney Faculty of Law), has published a new book which explores the legal and ethical issues arising from developments in artificial intelligence and robotics. Artificial Intelligence, Robots…