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Read Dr Michael Guihot’s article about rules on the ethical development of artificial intelligence in The Conversation.

Dr Michael Guihot’s article  “Will we ever agree to just one set of rules on the ethical development of artificial intelligence?” has been published in The Conversation.

In his article, Michael discusses the ‘many, many guidelines’ from governments and other bodies around the world that seek to instil an ethical approach to developing artificial intelligence and whether these guidelines are enforceable. He also discusses the need to build some global consensus on artificial intelligence .

Michael’s current research focuses on ‘Artificial Intelligence, Robots and the Law” and he is currently co-authoring a book by that name. Michael’s research investigates the intersection of new technology and law, including the regulation of artificial intelligence, and the impact of new technologies on power and governance including how changes in global power structures affect private and public governance, and the impact of new technology on legal institutions.

Learn more about Michael and his publications in his staff profile.

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