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Queensland Voluntary Assisted Dying Review Board appointment

Professor Lindy Willmott has been appointed to the Queensland Voluntary Assisted Dying Review Board. From 1 January 2023. the Board will oversee, monitor and report on the operation of voluntary assisted dying in Queensland. The Board will review each completed voluntary assisted dying case to ensure compliance with the Voluntary Assisted Dying Act 2021, consider strategic recommendations, and provide annual reports on the operation of voluntary assisted dying in Queensland.

The other members of the inaugural Board are:

  • Associate Professor Helen Irving – Chairperson
  • Professor Eleanor Milligan – Deputy Chairperson
  • Dr Jennifer Brown
  • Dr John (Will) Cairns OAM
  • Ms Donisha Duff
  • Dr Bavahuna (Bav) Manoharan
  • Professor Lisa Nissen
  • Mr Geoff Rowe

This prestigious appointment is just recognition of Lindy’s leadership in her field and the high esteem with which she is held nationally and internationally. We congratulate Lindy on this significant appointment.

About Lindy Willmott

Professor Lindy Willmott, School of LawProfessor Lindy Willmott is a member of the Australian Centre for Health Law Research, and publishes extensively in the area of health law. Lindy specialises in end-of-life decision making.

Lindy’s research has had significant impact leading to changes in law, policy and practice. Her work has been adopted by parliaments, courts and tribunals, and law reform commissions and has also influenced State and national end-of-life policy and prompted changes to clinical education in universities, hospitals, and health departments.

You can learn more about Lindy and her research and publications in her staff profile.

More information

Additional information is available in the media release from the Queensland Minister for Health and Ambulance Services.

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