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Project aims to stamp out fake steak

Dr Felicity Deane was recently awarded  a new 2 year, one million dollar project, funded by the Food Agility CRC. The project is focused on Smart Contracts, Exports and Food Safety – in particular in China.

There are three researchers from QUT who are each responsible for their respective discipline specific research questions. Marcus Foth from Creative Industries, Uwe Dulleck from Business and Felicity from Law. The research team and their industry partner – BeefLedger – recently travelled to Shanghai to meet with various stakeholders.

Global food fraud is estimated to be a $40b per year problem, and as Australia continues to boost our reputation for safe and reliable food among prominent export markets, these problems will only continue to grow.

QUT Media recently reported on this success:

“Three tonnes of Australian beef packed in Casino NSW and bound for China is being tracked and verified using blockchain and Internet of Things technologies.

The shipment is the first in a Food Agility project, led by Queensland company BeefLedger Limited and QUT. It aims to stamp out the problem of ‘fake steak’ in international export markets, giving suppliers and consumers confidence that their meat is 100% Aussie.

The team is building a digital system using ‘smart contracts’ to replace forgeable letters of credit, developing and integrating a suite of technologies into new packaging to prevent the substitution of fake products, and building apps for consumers and suppliers so they can verify where their meat comes from.”

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