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Law, Technology and Humans Volume 3 Issue 2

A new issue of Law, Technology and Humans has been published.

This issue of Law, Technology and Humans contains a commentary produced by the artificial intelligence (AI) system GPT-3. A project undertaken by Benjamin Alarie and Arthur Cockfield is, as far as the editors can establish, the first law review contribution drafted by an AI: Will Machines replace us? Machine-Authored Texts and the Future of Scholarship.

Also included are a variety of topics: privacy and data collection considerations around contact tracing apps during COVID-19; an examination of the ‘metaphor struggles’ between the rhetoric of copyright infringement and sharing cultures promoted by social media; the opportunities and challenges automated decision-making (ADM) poses for environmental impact assessments (EIAs); legal challenges around optimising spectrum use for military operations and autonomous weapons, and; guidelines for improving the credibility of empirical legal research using open data.

The issue is complimented with the inclusion of several book reviews including Michael Guihot and Lyria Bennett Moses’ recent publication Artificial Intelligence, Robots and the Law.

Submissions for Volume 4 Issue 1

Submissions are now being accepted for Volume 4 Issue 1. The deadline for submissions is Monday 7 February 2022, and the issue will be published in May 2022. Find out more.

About Law, Technology and Humans

Law, Technology and Humans is an international, open access, peer-reviewed journal publishing original, innovative research concerned with the human and humanity of law and technology. Supported by the School of Law, the Journal was launched in late 2019 and is one of five QUT-supported scholarly journals.

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