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Law, Technology and Humans: Call for Papers

Symposium Jurisprudence of the Future 2022

Science fiction is the bubbling crucible from which technological society imagines its future. For legal scholars concerns with nomos, with how narrative, story and myth, forms normative universes, science fiction is particularly important. This symposium, edited by Associate Professor Mitch Travis (University of Leeds), Dr Alex Green (University of York) and Professor Kieran Tranter (QUT), is part of a broader project exploring the cultural legal imaginary of science fiction. Contributions are encouraged that well-known and less-known science fictions in print, screened, played or prosumed, as articulations and contributions to jurisprudences of the future. Foci can be, although not limited to:

  • The imagining of the posthuman and their legalities.
  • Visions of legal forms of togetherness.
  • Science fiction from beyond the Global North as jurisprudences of the future.
  • Time, time-traveling and timelessness in science fiction and law.
  • Gaming the future: Digitality immersion and (disorder) in game culture.

Law is about the future. In thisĀ recent blog, general editor Kieran Tranter explains why lawyers should be thinking about science fiction. Drawing inspiration from Robert Cover’s account of how law connects and is part of a broader normative universe, Kieran touches on why science fiction is fundamental for the imagining of the law and justice within technological futures. As part of this call for papers on jurisprudence of the future, he argues for the important work of dreaming and building better legal futures through science fiction.

About Law, Technology and Humans

Law, Technology and Humans (ISSN 2652-4074) is an innovative open access, double blind reviewed journal dedicated to research and scholarship on the human and humanity of law and technology. Sponsored by the Queensland University of Technology, Australia, Law, Technology and Humans is advised by a leading International Editorial Board. In 2021 it was awarded the DOAJ Seal reflecting best practices in open access publishing.

Interested contributors are invited to discuss ideas and drafts with the symposium editors at:

The deadline for submissions for consideration in the Symposium is Monday 27 June 2022. Find out more about submissions (including a preparation checklist and author guidelines) here.

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