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Law, Technology and Humans – Call for Papers 4(2) 2022

Papers for consideration in Volume 4 Issue 2 are now invited. Volume 4(2) will be published in November 2022. Preference will be given to research and scholarship that:

  • Challenges and critically examines the promises and perils of emergent technologies;
  • Engages with the futures (and pasts) of law, technology and humans;
  • Involves critical, philosophical or theoretically informed work on law and technology;
  • Uses humanities, social science, digital research methods or other approaches to study law and technology;
  • Examines law and technology from Global South locations and perspectives; or
  • Locates law and technology within wider concerns of pandemics, climate change and/or geo-political conflict.

Interested contributors may discuss their research and scholarship with the General Editor, Professor Kieran Tranter. You can contact Kieran by email at:

The deadline for submissions for Volume 4(2) is Monday 1st August 2022.

Note that submissions are still being considered for the Symposium: Jurisprudence of the Future 2022. The deadline for submissions for consideration in the Symposium is Monday 27th June 2022.

About Law, Technology and Humans

Law, Technology and Humans (ISSN 2652-4074) is an innovative open access, double blind reviewed journal dedicated to research and scholarship on the human and humanity of law and technology. Sponsored by the Queensland University of Technology, Australia, Law, Technology and Humans is advised by a leading International Editorial Board. In 2021 it was awarded the DOAJ Seal reflecting best practices in open access publishing. The Journal is indexed in international databases including Scopus.

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