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Fiona McDonald secures International Senior Research Fellowship at Durham University

We are delighted to announce that Associate Professor Fiona McDonald has secured a place in Durham University’s Senior Research Fellowship programme, which she will commence in April 2019. The programme is designed to attract lively, inventive and influential figures in academia where Fiona will foment new and sustainable research collaborations across the panoply of Durham University’s collective activities. Fiona will sit in the Institute of hazard, Risk and Resilience, with internationally-recognised leaders in developing resilient, research-informed approaches to hazard and risk. Her research will focus on an ethical and legal analysis of facemask use in particulate air pollution events.

Associate Professor Fiona McDonald

Fiona is a co-director of the Australian Centre for Health Law Research, an Adjunct Associate Professor at the Department of Bioethics, Dalhousie University, Canada and  member of the Dalhousie University’s Technoscience and Regulation Research Unit . Prior to her appointment

in the Faculty of Law, Fiona was a research associate at the Health Law Institute at Dalhousie University, Canada and a legal advisor to New Zealand’s Health and Disability Commissioner.  Fiona’s research encompasses issues related to health governance and has four broad themes:

  • the governance of health and systems (with a focus on rural bioethics and disaster response)
  • the governance of health technologies
  • the governance of health professionals
  • the governance of health organisations.

Fiona’s work has been published in a range of international journals, she has presented at a number of international conferences, and has received grants, contracts and scholarships to conduct research in this area. You can read more about Fiona in her staff profile.

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