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Ecological Restoration Law — Concepts and Case Studies

Ecological Restoration Law book coverEcological restoration has been a low priority of most countries’ environmental laws, but is essential for the health of the biosphere. Professor Afshin Akhtar-Khavari (QUT Faculty of Law) has contributed to and co-edited (with Professor Benjamin J. Richardson from the University of Tasmania) the 1st edition of Ecological Restoration Law — Concepts and Case Studies.

The book’s diverse contributors explore a more ambitious agenda for ecological restoration law through critical theoretical perspectives and topical case studies. The book is part of the Law, Justice and Ecology Series which offers a cross-disciplinary and novel engagement with the connections between law and ecology.

Ecological Restoration Law — Concepts and Case Studies is available in hard copy and as an eBook from Routledge.

About Afshin Akhtar-Khavari

Afshin Akhtar-KhavariAfshin is Professor of International Law and Governance  at the QUT Faculty of Law, Director of Research at QUT Law School, and Joint Program Leader of the Ecological Justice Research Program.

He is currently working on projects relating to compassion and the law, the ecological restoration of wetlands, and the idea of the social embodiment of trees and plants.


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