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COVID-19, Law & Regulation: Rights, Freedoms, and Obligations in a Pandemic

A new book called COVID-19, Law & Regulation: Rights, Freedoms, and Obligations in a Pandemic analyses major legal and regulatory responses internationally to COVID-19, and the impact the pandemic has had on human rights and freedoms, governance, the obligations of states and individuals, as well the role of the World Health Organization and other international bodies during this time.

Written by Belinda Bennett,  Ian Freckelton AO KC, and Gabrielle Wolf, the authors examine notable legal challenges to public health measures enforced during the pandemic, such as lockdown orders, curfews, and vaccine mandates. Importantly, the book contextualizes the legal analysis by examining the broader social and economic dimensions of risks posed by the pandemic.

COVID-19, Law & Regulation: Rights, Freedoms, and Obligations in a Pandemic is available now from Oxford University Press.

About Belinda Bennett

Belinda BennettBelinda Bennett is a Professor of Health Law in the School of Law at QUT and a member of the Australian Centre for Health Law Research.

Belinda’s research engages with the legal, social and ethical issues in assisted reproduction, law and genetics, and global public health emergencies.

You can read more about Belinda in her ACHLR member profile.

About Ian Freckelton AO KC

Ian Freckleton

Ian Freckelton is a King’s Counsel in practice as a barrister throughout Australia. He is a Judge of the Supreme Court of Nauru, a Professor of Law and a Professorial Fellow of Psychiatry at the University of Melbourne, an Honorary Professor of Forensic Medicine at Monash University, and an Adjunct Professor at Johns Hopkins University in the United States. He is an elected Fellow of the Australian Academy of Health and Medical Sciences, the Australian Academy of Law, the Academy of Social Sciences in Australia, and the Australasian College of Legal Medicine.

He was appointed an Officer of the Order of Australia (AO) in 2021 for services to the law, and the legal profession, across fields including health, medicine, and technology.

He is an internationally recognised author of many books and over 700 articles and chapters of books, including about health law, coronial law, disciplinary law, evidence law, tort law, and criminal law.

You can read more about Ian at:

About Gabrielle Wolf

Gabrielle WolfGabrielle Wolf is an Associate Professor in Deakin University’s Law School. She has published a monograph, chapters in scholarly books, and articles in peer-reviewed academic journals on a range of subjects, including aspects of the current and past regulation of health practitioners in Australia, health records and confidentiality, Australian and American sentencing law, and Australian theatre history.

You can read more about Gabrielle in her Deakin University staff profile.

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