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Coffee with a Colleague (Episode 5): End of Life organ donation decisions

In the fifth episode of the ACHLR Coffee with a Colleague online seminar series, Associate Professor Shih-Ning Then discusses end of life organ donation decisions with Associate Professor Dominique Martin from Deakin University.

This episode (Collaborating across disciplines: ‘Transitions in decision-making authority at the end of life’, challenges in educating clinicians and changing law and practice) can be viewed online on the Australian Centre for Health Law Research (ACHLR) website.

About Shih-Ning Then

Associate Professor Shih-Ning Then

Associate Professor Shih-Ning is a member of the Australian Centre for Health Law Research. Shih-Ning is a socio-legal academic who researches and teaches in the areas of medical law and ethics. She is an experienced interdisciplinary researcher who has published with medical practitioners, ethicists, and other interdisciplinary scholars.

Shih-Ning’s research interests include:

  • organ and tissue donation and transplantation;
  • decision-making frameworks for adults with cognitive impairments (including substituted and supported decision-making);
  • regulation of human research; and
  • children in a healthcare context.

You can read more about Shih-Ning in her staff profile.

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