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Call for Symposium contributions (May 2022)

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Law, Technology and Humans Journal

Law, Technology and Humans (ISSN 2652-4074) is an innovative open access, double blind reviewed journal that encourages research and scholarship on the human and humanity of law and technology. It is hosted by the Queensland University of Technology. For more information about the journal, submissions and accessing published articles, visit the Law, Technology and Humans website.

Call for Symposium contributions – The Legal Aesthetics of the Motor Vehicle

The motor vehicle has been part of the cultural legal imaginary for over 100 years. It has driven into human lives and bodies. It has made and remade human communities. It has been an object of law and an apparatus of law enforcement. A site of lawlessness and a profoundly regulated and lawful entity. It is also undergoing profound change through automation, electrification and collectivization.

This symposium edited by Sarah Marusek, Thalia Anthony and Kieran Tranter aims to capture and explore the cultural imaginary of the motor vehicle at this moment of change; specifically but not exclusive to:

  • The past, present and future in representation of law and the motor vehicle in popular culture
  • The intersection of the motor vehicle with forms of governing
  • Critical accounts of motor vehicle law and policing on intersectional communities
  • Gendered analysis of motor vehicle law and culture
  • The legal semiotics of the car, the road and driving

Interested contributors may discuss their research and scholarship with the General Editor, Professor Kieran Tranter. Kieran can be contacted by email at

When making your submission please indicate that it is for this symposium. The deadline for submissions is 14 February 2022. More information on submissions and the submissions process is available on the Law, Technology and Humans website.


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