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Call for Papers – Symposium

Rethinking Digital Health Data Regulation from the South

Law, Technology and Humans Volume 7(3), 2025

This Symposium focuses on the Global South’s efforts to regulate health data. The proliferation of digital technologies, such as mobile devices, cloud technologies, connectivity infrastructures and new developments such as Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, is revolutionising healthcare access and provision while presenting enormous potential for widening health inequalities and harm to marginalised communities. The Symposium explores broader concerns of regulation needing to keep up with health innovations to address current practices of exploitation, commodification and corporatisation of human data for economic gain through digital health systems.

The Symposium will ask the following questions:

  • What is unique about health data, and why does this matter when we think about regulatory governance?
  • What does the regulation of health data tell us about broader issues of digital regulation across other domains?
  • How do countries in the Global South balance regulatory interests against the interests of huge corporations?
  • What forms of resistance may countries in the global south use to counter surveillance capitalism within health systems?

Papers will be due by 31 July 2025. The Symposium will be published in Vol 7(3), which is scheduled for publication in November 2025. The Symposium will be edited by Sharifah Sekalala, Pamela Andanda and Tatenda Chatikobo.

For more information on the Symposium visit the Law, Technology and Humans website.

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