Law, Lawyers and Justice through Australian Lenses book cover

Law, Lawyers and Justice: Through Australian Lenses

Law is different in Australia. The origins of the Australian state in a military-run British prison camp, the legal fictions of terra nullius that dispossessed, displaced and failed to see the sovereignty of First Nation people, and the efficiency currently witnessed in controlling the population and the economy…

Artificial Intelligence, Robots and the Law

Dr Michael Guihot (Senior Lecturer in the QUT Faculty of Law), in collaboration with Lyria Bennett Moses (Professor in the UNSW Sydney Faculty of Law), has published a new book which explores the legal and ethical issues arising from developments in artificial intelligence and robotics. Artificial Intelligence, Robots…

Cardiac Monitor

Resource limitations and End of Life decision making

Approximately 30% of adults in Australia die after a decision to stop or not start potentially life-sustaining treatments, including mechanical ventilation, artificial nutrition and hydration, and CPR. While these decisions are a common part of mainstream medical practice, they raise practical, legal and ethical challenges. A central justification…