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What happens when a robot writes a law article?

The Law, Technology and Humans Journal has published the first machine-generated law review article. Canadian law academics Benjamin Alarie (University of Toronto) and Arthur Cockfield (Queen’s University) approached the Journal’s Chief Editor Professor Kieran Tranter (Faculty of Business & Law) to have an AI software program known as…

Artwork for seminar series

Autonomy, Vulnerability, and Medical Assistance in Dying (MAiD)

In the third seminar of our QUT Global Law, Science and Technology series for 2021, co-hosted by the Australian Centre for Health Law Research (ACHLR), Professor Margaret Isabel Hall (Adjunct Professor, ACHLR) looked critically at the problematic construction and application of “autonomy” and “vulnerability” and considered the difference…

Artwork for Law, Technology and Humans

Call for papers: Law, Technology and Humans

Law, Technology and Humans (ISSN 2652-4074) is an innovative open access, double blind reviewed journal that encourages research and scholarship on the human and humanity of law and technology. Supported by the Queensland University of Technology, Australia, Law, Technology and Humans is advised by a leading International Editorial…