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Autonomy, Vulnerability, and Medical Assistance in Dying (MAiD)

The third seminar of our QUT Global Law, Science and Technology series for 2021 is co-hosted by the Australian Centre for Health Law Research (ACHLR). In this seminar, Professor Margaret Isabel Hall (Adjunct Professor, ACHLR) will look critically at the problematic construction and application of “autonomy” and “vulnerability”…

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Mental Health and Human Rights public lecture

The Australian Centre for Health Law Research (ACHLR) and HEAL (Health, Ethics and Law) are hosting a free keynote presentation and panel discussion on Monday 17 May, 2021. Abstract Australian mental health legislation is increasingly influenced by human rights considerations and international obligations. This is particularly so for…

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Law, Technology and Humans Volume 3 Issue 1

A new issue of Law, Technology and Humans has been published. Law, Technology and Humans is an international, open access, peer-reviewed journal publishing original, innovative research concerned with the human and humanity of law and technology. Supported by the School of Law, the Journal was launched in late…

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The Social Life of Standards

The real-world development and implementation of standards can be inconsistent and even impractical, but how do communities challenge and reset standards created by others that do not meet their needs? A new book called The Social Life of Standards provides an ethnographic examination of standards. Edited by QUT…

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Is Australia ready for AI on the Bench?

The rapidly accelerating integration of artificial intelligence (AI) into our lives will soon affect court rooms and other legal environments in Australia, and critical threshold issues for a smooth integration of AI into court environments remain unexamined. We do not yet know whether Australian judges understand and/or trust…