Paul Mills

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Is Australia ready for AI on the Bench?

The rapidly accelerating integration of artificial intelligence (AI) into our lives will soon affect court rooms and other legal environments in Australia, and critical threshold issues for a smooth integration of AI into court environments remain unexamined. We do not yet know whether Australian judges understand and/or trust…

Artwork for Law, Technology and Humans journal

Call for Symposium contributions (May 2022)

Law, Technology and Humans Journal Law, Technology and Humans (ISSN 2652-4074) is an innovative open access, double blind reviewed journal that encourages research and scholarship on the human and humanity of law and technology. It is hosted by the Queensland University of Technology. For more information about the…

Artwork for Law, Technology and Humans

Call for papers: Law, Technology and Humans

Papers for consideration in volume 3 Issue 2 are invited. Volume 3(2) will be published in November 2021. Preference will be given to research and scholarship that: Challenges and critically examines the promises and perils of emergent technologies; Engages with the futures (and pasts) of law, technology and…

Professor Rowena Barrett

Remaking the Maker Movement

The Remaking the Maker Movement event was convened by Professor Matthew Rimmer and hosted by the QUT Faculty of Business and Law earlier this month. This event focused on the role of innovation spaces – such as makerspaces, Fab Labs, hackerspaces, TechShop, and innovation hubs, incubators, and accelerators.…

David M Studdert

Understanding Gun Violence in America

David M. Studdert, Professor of Law and Medicine at Stanford University, was guest speaker at the Australian Centre for Health Law Research 8th Annual Public Oration. David explored gun violence in the United States, where approximately 40,000 Americans are killed by gunshot wounds each year. David discussed whether…

Artwork for Law, Technology and Humans Volume 2 Issue 2 2020

Law, Technology and Humans Volume 2 Issue 2

A new issue of Law, Technology and Humans has been published. Law, Technology and Humans is an international, open access, peer-reviewed journal publishing original, innovative research concerned with the human and humanity of law and technology. Supported by the Faculty of Law, the Journal was launched early last…