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Australia’s voluntary assisted dying laws examined in new podcast

A new podcast series on Australia’s voluntary assisted dying laws (VAD) that aims to address public confusion about eligibility, process and access to VAD has been launched.

The series is produced by PhD researchers Sinead Prince (pictured, left) and Ruthie Jeanneret (pictured, right), from the Australian Centre for Health Law Research (ACHLR), to address specifically what has worked well and what hasn’t since Australian states legalised VAD.

“The podcasts are based on many years of research by Professor Ben White and Professor Lindy Willmott, founding members of ACHLR, whose research has been central to the legalisation of VAD and development of VAD laws in Australia,” Ms Prince said.

Ruthie  Jeanneret was motivated to be involved in translating research to share with the wider community.

“I realised how exclusive and inaccessible legal systems and legal knowledge are to many people and Learn Me Right is a way to provide a permanent, available resource on issues where health and law intersect” Ms Jeanneret said.

The 10-episode series includes:

  • Episode one: An overview of VAD in Australia – Professor Lindy Willmott
  • Episode two: Patients experience of VAD – Professor Ben White
  • Episode three: Lessons from Victoria and WA, remuneration, and regional access – Casey Haining
  • Episode four: VAD across the states – Katherine Waller
  • Episode five: The Commonwealth Criminal Code and telehealth – Dr Katrine Del Villar
  • Episode six: Institutional objection – Dr Eliana Close
  • Episode seven: Lessons from Belgium – Madeleine Archer
  • Episode eight: Doctors’ perspectives on involvement in VAD – Dr Laura Ley Greaves
  • Episode nine: How patients and families influence change – Ruthie Jeanneret
  • Episode ten: Training for clinicians – Penny Neller and Dr Rachel Feeney

To listen to the podcast series, visit the ACHLR website.

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