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Australian property valuers and the physical risks that threaten property

Dr Lucy Cradduck, Senior Lecturer at QUT Faculty of Law, and Dr Georgia Warren-Myers, Senior Lecturer at the Faculty of Architecture, Building and Planning at the University of Melbourne, are undertaking a research project to examine the practice of Australian property valuers in the identification and consideration of physical risks that threaten property.

The project, titled Valuation @ Risk, aims to:

  • examine the approaches of how risk is identified;
  • examine how it is then treated; and
  • how it then affects the valuation process and values.

This research endeavours to establish current practice and explore the changes required to adapt valuations and valuation practice to consider climate change risks.

Lucy and Georgia invite Australian property valuers to contribute to this research project by conducting an online survey.

The Australian property valuer survey is open now.

About Lucy Cradduck

Dr Lucy Cradduck

Dr Lucy Cradduck is a Senior Lecturer at QUT Faculty of Law and is also a member of the Queensland Law Society and the Australian Property Institute. Lucy maintains her Practising Certificate as a Solicitor, and has held positions in private firms, in-house and within government.

You can learn more about Lucy and her research and publications in her staff profile.

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