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The other day a friend of mine asked me if it is worth doing an internship. Well, my answer is, yes it is 100% worth it.  I would like to share my experience as an international student because I know that sometimes it can be challenging and daunting to find an internship or to come up with an idea on how to apply or what company to approach.

Firstly, you need to think about what type of company you like to get your experience from. My suggestion is to choose a company you really like to work for and that interest you. Don’t just choose any company in fear you will not find another one or because you just need to meet your degree requirements. It is better to first identify the right opportunity for you, so you can talk with your tutors or get advice from the WIL Team e.g. the  Creative Industries Work Integrated Learning They will help you to facilitate your transition from university to your internship. You can find an internship through their website InPlace or you can find it by your own research.

I found my internship by doing my own research and through previous network connections, So, while you are studying try to get involved with the community in your area of study because this is the best place to find your opportunities.

My internship role was as a Production Assistant.  I had to support the film crew, editors and administration staff in the video production. As an editor, I had to review footage and selected scenes, trim segments of footage, and I learnt that editing is not just that,  editing is more of creating a story. As a first AD (Assistant Director), I managed to assist the DOP (Director of Photography or Cinematographer), the camera operators, used the autocue, camera, sound and lighting set up. As a production assistant, I also had to review the continuity of the scripts as well as the shots.

In my 100 hours of internship, I have developed technical skills such as editing using Premier Pro and using  Adobe After Effects. I have also learnt the best way for camera setting and frame composition, and skills like communication, management and teamwork. However, the most relevant knowledge I acquired was to reflect ‘in action”, which is something you will learn through this WIL (Work Integrated Learning) unit. Through the duration of your internship, you will have to do some assignments but the one that I enjoyed the most was when you complete your 100 hours, you will do an oral presentation and a video of your internship experience. The video should be filmed in the workplace which was a fun project!

My internship was a great experience not only because I developed my skills set but also because I  met new people, built my network connections, and as a result of that I have now the opportunity to assist a filmmaker outside University projects.

An internship is a valuable learning experience, and it is the place where you can be curious, so ask lots of questions. It is also your time to learn from your mistakes and improve your skills. Your supervisor and QUT will be there on this journey to support you and guide you throughout.

My advice for future interns will be to learn from others and learn from your mistakes because this is one of the most valuable lessons and it will help you to know yourself better in the workplace.

I would like to share with you the editing office where I did my internship!


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