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Celebrating Chinese New Year in Brisbane

2020 has brought me with too much uncertainty, the plan needed to change and shape into the new reality, and I can’t share my happiness and gratefulness with my dear friends and parents in person.

It’s a bit frustrating, to be honest, but luckily we make it through successfully to 2021! And despite those highs and lows, I’m still looking forward to the upcoming Chinese New Year in February, having dinner and celebrating with my family (online for sure). To ease the loneliness and celebrate another Chinese new year in Brisbane, I decided to do a barbecue in advance.















Before the barbecue, one of the invited friends came up to me, asking help to help him move house. I learnt that he was moving from an inbound suburb to an outbound suburb, taking him nearly double the daily traffic time. Due to travelling and the time we spent on packing and unpacking the luggage items, we had to change the date.








Finally, last Friday we could do the barbecue. Although it is not a big fancy barbecue, as my friend and I usually do before, we still have good food and good conversation. We worship each other, comfort each other. We exchanged thoughts regarding 2020, sharing stories about what we had been through and what we needed to prepare for the coming months in 2021.
















This new year means to be a brand new ‘new year’ for me. Most of my known fellows have already gone back to China, and the others will have to find a job to sustain life and study here. With the strong support from my family, I don’t need to spend extra time looking for a part-time job and stay focus on fulfilling my dream and finishing my study in Brisbane. When the entire economy is not as good as it used to be, I need to rethink daily expenses and save more money for the future. And from this barbecue, I learned how lucky I am to have those perfect friends who can open heart accept me, listening to my complaints and help me deal with the stress and anxiety that I expose to them.

With those supportive friends and a strong family backup, I believe that this year will be a brand new beginning for me, and surely I will become a much better me in 2021!





忙活一番之后,我们终于能把聚会的日子定到了上周五晚上。因为节俭生活的原因,我和朋友们无法像以前一样准备很丰盛的食材,但我们也是准备了充足的材料。在这个周末的夜晚,我们倾心而谈在过去一年里我们各自遇到的种种不顺,交换了对未来的计划和现实情况的看法, 同时也排解了一下因疫情而积累已久的压抑和不安。



Hi, my name is William and I come from Guangzhou China. I love traveling, doing sports, and meeting people from different cultural backgrounds. I'm also a bit of an adventurer, I like to experience new things, as well as writing and reading. I decided to go to Australia to fulfill my dream of becoming independent and learning something new. Currently, I'm studying for a Master of Education something that I really enjoy. I'm a hardworking and motivated person who wants to share my experience of studying and living in Brisbane and hopefully inspire others to study overseas.

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