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Networking with QUT students and Australian communities overseas

Hi  guys,

Today I’m going to share some of my experiences attending different QUT events in Taiwan. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, I decided to go back to Taiwan in March and study online with QUT. Since then, I have been trying to find various ways to connect with other QUT students. And, to my surprise, I’ve really enjoyed attending the online workshops because it makes me feel connected to the QUT community and is a great way to make new friends. Make sure to check your emails so you don’t miss out on any invitations to these events.

One day, I received an email from QUT International, that said that there was an opportunity to meet with other QUT students in Taiwan at the Australian Office in Taipei. They offer support such as internship opportunities in Taipei for students studying at Australian universities and they also provide the latest information on government policies.

I think it is a great opportunity to have QUT events in Taiwan since it helps me connecting other QUT students. In that event, I met some new friends also doing online classes in Taipei, so we can study together and also encourage each other to not procrastinate and keep track of our study overseas. It makes me less lonely and more motivated.


Here are some further online events and programs QUT offers students.

Online workshops

The LAUNCH U program

QUT has developed many online workshops for students, for example, the QUT Business Advantage Program. There is also a new program called LAUNCH U. This program is for students who like to gain international business and market research skills. You will work with other students who are also studying online in Queensland. It is a great opportunity to meet people from different universities and nationalities. After the two-week market research project, your team will receive feedback from real-life business professionals.

Even though you are not physically in Australia, you can still work in a Queensland-based business with all kinds of students who also study in Queensland.

Find out more information about the LAUNCH U  program 

Interview tips

Online workshop with a Career Educator

As COVID-19 has been a dramatic twist to everyone’s lives, many jobs that have been advertised this year would highly rely on the Internet and technology so students must adapt to different types of job interviews.

To be better prepared I’ve undertaken an online workshop to learn some techniques on how to better prepare for video or virtual interviews. The Career Educator, Martin Stead, also gave us some common questions that we might encounter in interviews. Below are some things that can help you further to do a successful interview.

  • Preparation of job interviews: role analysis, company analysis, industry analysis
  • Categories of interview questions: open questions, hypothetical questions, behavioural questions
  • How to answer behavioural questions: S (situation), T (task), A (action), R (result)

I found this workshop very useful since it clearly explained how to prepare before interviews and the structure of self-introduction. I have been struggling with the introduction in interviews because I didn’t know what information I needed to include. The workshop gave great tips on what to say and how much time to allocate for the introduction.

It is totally fine if you can not make it to a face to face workshops, these resources are also available online. Read more about our online career resources.

QUT Communities in Taiwan

The executive director of ANZCham chatting with us

Studying remotely does not mean you need to lose a connection with Australia. There is a wide range of communities we can get in touch with to boost our networking in Australia.

Here are a few that are available for Taiwanese students :

  • QUT Taiwan Alumni Chapter (Facebook group click here )
  • Taiwan Australia Alumni Association (official website click here )
  • ANZCham Taipei (official website click here )

Students could join those communities and participate in their events, for example, Halloween and Christmas parties to get to know each other better.

When I attended an event with ANZCham Taipei we ended our meeting eating lunch with other QUT students, the QUT International event manager, Virginia and the executive director of ANZCham, Alex. This was a wonderful time to connect with other students and have a chat about their experiences.

What I have gained from the events

By staying connected and joining in online workshops and events with other Australian students and professionals I feel that I’m still apart of the QUT community. I’ve gained many new skills through the workshops I’ve attended such as how to adapt to new ways of doing interviews in an online environment. Even though I had to go back home to study online and miss the days when we could meet each other in person, I’ve found that there are so many ways to connect with other students, network and meet new friends. This has helped me a lot to make online studies a great experience.


My name is Yu Ni (Sammy) and I come from Taiwan. I'm currently doing a Bachelor of Business and I wish to accomplish my dream of working in a public relations department. My other interests are watching YouTube, making videos, travelling and especially making news friends from different cultural backgrounds. Music is also an important part of my life. As a Digital Ambassador at QUT, I wish to share my own experience with others all over the world and provide information to those who want to get to know more about Brisbane. Hopefully you will enjoy my stories!

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