My top five spots in Brisbane

Hi everyone,

It’s been a strange year and many changes have happened that has been out of our control. It was especially a tough time during the lockdown since I missed walking along the beach, spending time with my friends and visiting my favourite coffee shops.

Now things have changed, and we can enjoy the lovely spring weather by taking a walk outside. We can embrace our old hobbies and begin new journeys! To ‘celebrate’ the new turn, I’m going to introduce my top five spots not to miss when you come to Brisbane.

No. 1 – Kangaroo Point







Kangaroo Point is my number one favourite spot in Brisbane. It’s located opposite the river from Gardens Point campus, only a 10-minute walk from the campus via the Goodwill Bridge. If you’re standing on the edge of the cliff, you can get a panoramic view of the CBD.  If you visit at night time, you can see the city light up in different colours.

People who live in Brisbane love Kangaroo Point.  The cliffs are one of the hot spots for rock climbers and also for people that like kayaking. If you would like to try some adventure sports you should visit Riverlife located at Kangaroo Point. They offer a range of different tours, hire of equipment for various on and off river sports.


No. 2 – Mt Coot-Tha

Mt. Coot-tha in hopes of a good sunrise over the fog.  Can you see a black dot on the right? That’s the tallest building in Brisbane’s CBD.









Mount Coot-Tha is the second place that I recommend to visit after you have been to Kangaroo Point. At Kangaroo Point, you will get a great view of the city, but on the top of Coot-Tha, you will have a virtual 360-degree view of the whole town. The most exciting thing is that the view from Mt Coot -Tha changes depending on the weather and time of day.

Apart from the gorgeous view, the Mountain Top Cafe & Restaurant is a place where you can enjoy food from breakfast to dinner, which means you can literally stay for the whole day!

When you finish the tour at the top and still feel it’s ‘far from enough’, the botanic garden which is located at the bottom of Mt Coot-Tha and it should definitely be your next ‘stop’. Once a month, I will do a walk from my home to Mt Coot-Tha Botanic Gardens and then walk up to the top. The fresh air, lots of greenery, the birds singing in the garden and the mountain is a wonderful environment for a nature lover like me.


No. 3 – Redcliffe

Redcliffe is a coastal suburb of Brisbane. It takes little over an hour to get there by train from Central Station and about  40 minutes by car from the city. This is an excellent place for spending your weekend with friends, fishing or just simply taking a walk. When it comes to whale watching season,  you can join one of many whale watching tours departing from the Redcliffe Jetty.

If you feel overwhelmed by your daily study or work, this peaceful and quiet sea location can be your secret escape on the weekend, as it is for me.

No. 4 – Wellington Point

Welling Point is the other coastal spot that in my top 5 places to visit in Brisbane.

Close to this place, there are a number of excellent water sports schools which provide courses for water skiing, surfing, ultra swim and rolling. If you are a water sports lover and an ocean lover like me, Wellington Point is definitely the perfect place to visit.

Kayaking in the sea is definitely a good option after a peaceful walk along the shoreline. Even if I’m not a super fan of this sport,  I’ve tried it once and I was captured by the feeling of the surrounding of the sea.

No. 5 – New Farm Park

Compared to the other four spots, New Farm Park is newly developed, but it still on my top five list.

New Farm Park is a typical modern garden city development. It is very close to the city and a great place to visit. You can take the city cat ferry or a bus to get here, and if you have a bit of time, you could walk along the river from the city, a charming and scenic walk.

Since I arrived in Brisbane about two years ago I’ve been living in student accommodation in the city. New Farm Park was one of the first places I visited when arriving to Brisbane and I keep coming back for my morning or afternoon walks and runs. The main reason why I keep visiting this place is convenience and a good view. It only takes 15 minutes to walk from my apartment, and the river sidewalk is always the best route for jogging or walking.

These are my top five spots to visit in Brisbane. I hope you love them as much as I do.


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