How do I stop procrastinating?

Procrastination is one of the most significant barriers for us to achieve our goals in life and study. In the current situation, this problem seems to grow as most of our classes are now online and we are spending an excessive amount of time at home on our own.


To keep procrastination getting in the way from finishing your individual assignments, there are several ways that could help you.

Using sticky notes to schedule your everyday workload

Sticky notes have helped me a lot in achieving my goals. You can make a list of things that need to be done in the upcoming weeks, then write them on sticky notes and order them each day from the most important to the least important.


Writing down your questions and concerns.

We all will have a lot of questions while studying new subjects. When the questions and concerns accumulate, the stress level will go up and lead to procrastination.  Eventually, we will lose motivation and give up on solving the problems.

My tips to avoid getting myself into this bad habit is to write down all my questions and concerns that occur whilst studying a unit.

  1. First, you need an exercise book.
  2. Once you get your own exercise book, start writing down your concerns and questions. The questions and concerns could be from different sources, such as study, your daily life or work.
  1. After writing down those questions and concerns, the following step is to brainstorm any possible solutions and implement them. For example, one of your solutions could be to talk to International Student Services for advice.


Never miss a tutorial and lecture.

Usually, questions and concerns from the assignment can be solved easily by just attending classes.

First, listen to the lecture then bring the questions you have to the tutorial. This is the most simple and effective way to prevent potential problems stopping you from finishing your assignment.

From my experience, most of the lecturers and tutors are pretty fast to respond and love to provide guidance. Most of the time, they will discuss the received questions in class. Sometimes they are willing to meet you through zoom or in-person to help you solve the problems.

How have these tips improved my study?

First, using sticky notes to schedule my every day’s work has helped me to save a lot of time working on more essential things.  Before using notes,  I used to spend an excessive amount of time adjusting the workload every day. Writing down things that need to be done by tomorrow on a sticky note is similar to set a deadline for the upcoming tasks. With fixed deadlines and only 24 hours, I’m no longer spending extra time hesitating and readjusting and can spend time doing my best to finish the tasks on the sticky note.

I believe that you should always be the first person trying to help yourself because, while your friends are hopefully there to help you out when you have troubles, there may be times when they can’t. The same goes for your tutors or lecturers – they will always try to help you but may not be able to answer your questions immediately. Most of the time,  I find it difficult to get the answers and help I want within an expected time frame. To make this easier, I tried a suggestion I got from an Australian friend, who said to write down my questions and try to search for the answers on my own. The pressure of these issues seems to be lifted as long as I make it into words.  I feel calmer and more willing to find solutions.

I think that always attending tutorials and lectures is a basic responsibility as a student, not only you have to pay a considerable amount of money for it, but it’s also the reason you enrolled in the university.  If you don’t listen to the class and just watch the PowerPoint slides, you will miss a lot of detailed knowledge and information that the tutors and lecturers add on when speaking during the class.  And undoubtedly,  those details you missed tend to be the key things you need to complete your assignments and other learning activities.

All the best of luck with these tips. I hope it will help you become more motivated to stay on top of your work and not leave it to the last minute. As Benjamin Franklin said, ‘You may delay, but time will not’.

Hi, my name is William and I come from Guangzhou China. I love traveling, doing sports, and meeting people from different cultural backgrounds. I'm also a bit of an adventurer, I like to experience new things, as well as writing and reading. I decided to go to Australia to fulfill my dream of becoming independent and learning something new. Currently, I'm studying for a Master of Education something that I really enjoy. I'm a hardworking and motivated person who wants to share my experience of studying and living in Brisbane and hopefully inspire others to study overseas.

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