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My experience attending QUT virtual events

Since not every student can attend campus this semester, university events are now held online via zoom. I attended two of those virtual events and they were great. Students could still engage in the events via breakout rooms, chatbox or simply unmuting themselves and join the discussion. It was quite fun getting ready for the new semester by participating in these events.

QUT Business Advantage is a series of personal and professional development workshops – free for QUT Business students. QUT Business Advantage workshops are assisting QUT students to gain essential skills in preparing for their future and to enhance their employability.

These workshops are designed for those who are interested in getting a great job, enhancing their professional skills and boosting their personal profile. QUT Business Advantage engages professional speakers and provides useful content, which is a great resource for QUT Business school students.

Event 1 – Amplifying Your Personal Brand

This workshop really gave me a chance to think about who I am and what my personalities are. It gave a clearer picture of myself, finding out what my advantages and disadvantages are.

The speaker, Sally, shared her knowledge of building your personal brand at this event. One of the key things is to get to know yourself. The more you know how to describe yourself, the more successful you can build your personal image online.

She also emphasised the importance of LinkedIn. I didn’t know what LinkedIn was until I attended Sally’s workshops. However, most international students don’t know that many job opportunities would come from LinkedIn. I also found many connections via this event since everyone was actively searching for connections at QUT.


Event 2 – Productivity, Motivation and Self-Management

The second event was about productivity, motivation and self-management. It was held by Jardon. I attended this workshop because I found it was difficult to keep myself motivated when studying from home, especially, since I went back to my home country.

In this workshop, Jardon first wanted to find out what kept us from getting our tasks done and why we were not motivated to complete them. Then, he provided us with the solution- using a tool called Trello. I also shared some tips to better manage my time in the breakout room with other students. Many of us were using Google Calendar and bullet journals. I have learned so much not only Jardon but also the other participants.


From the two workshops I attended in week one, I have learnt that getting to know yourself is a key component of success.  We must know ourselves well in order to build our personal brand.  We should also find out what makes us unproductive and find a trigger to motivate us.

Although we may not able to participate in Business Advantage events in person this semester, there is no reason to stop yourself from learning new things and getting connected with other students via online events.

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