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Tips for staying focused in online classes

Hi everyone!

I hope you guys are doing well.

On March 20th I went back to Taiwan, and that was about the time QUT started its online classes. I finished most assignments, lectures, tutorials online from the previous semester. I also completed a group assignment with my teammates who are in three different time zones.

At the start,  it was difficult for me to concentrate on the online class since it was the first time studying this way and there were many distractions at home. Therefore, self-discipline became a critical element in my daily life. I would say that having a routine is the only solution to the problem.  Also, it is important that you keep interacting with your lecturers and tutors and engaging in class discussions, this really helps you better understand the content.

I also found that the best part of online classes is you don’t have to worry about asking questions. Some international students might hesitate to ask questions because they are too shy to speak in public. The online classes allow you to ask questions via the chatbox, which means you don’t have to show your face or speak in front of everyone in the class. This helps international students to be more engaging.

The hardest part of the online classes is staying attentive all the time. If you can find a way to prepare before the class it will help you improve your concentration.  I have come up with some tips that I  would like to share with you to help you with your studies for the upcoming semester.

Clean your desk

Having a tidy study environment is critical and the best way to keep you focused. When you put unnecessary things away, nothing can distract you when you are in class. Most importantly, PUT YOUR PHONE AWAY.  Cleaning your desk also helps you to stay in a good mood. Who doesn’t like a clean environment?

Be prepared

Prepare those ‘old-school’ study materials before classes start. I am a pen and paper person when I study. Holding a pen and writing on paper makes me memorize quickly. Also, switching the pages on laptops could make some people distracted because there are other applications on your laptop. Keeping the screen only on Zoom is one of my tips to stay focused.

Stay hydrated

Lectures and tutorials are often 1-2 hours or even longer, so staying hydrated during classes are essential. Keep a cup of water or your water bottle beside you, so you don’t have to leave your seat. This also ensures that you won’t miss anything in class.

Watch the video on how you can stay focused when studying online.

I am currently in Taiwan, and I will continue my study at QUT next semester. With those tips and my experience, I hope everyone will be better prepared for next semester 🙂

My name is Yu Ni (Sammy) and I come from Taiwan. I'm currently doing a Bachelor of Business and I wish to accomplish my dream of working in a public relations department. My other interests are watching YouTube, making videos, travelling and especially making news friends from different cultural backgrounds. Music is also an important part of my life. As a Digital Ambassador at QUT, I wish to share my own experience with others all over the world and provide information to those who want to get to know more about Brisbane. Hopefully you will enjoy my stories!

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