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My transition from QUT to Singapore, to Apple

Nice to meet you all again, this is Sara.

Can you believe it, I’m feeling homesick and missing Brisbane?

I have now relocated to Singapore after graduating last December and I’m very happy to write this blog post as a QUT alumnus. I truly appreciate the opportunity I had to study in Australia over the last three years. Please continue reading to find out why…

Living in Brisbane and studying at QUT

I have always loved Brisbane and living there for the last three years of my student life indeed transformed me. My time in Brisbane has been brilliant, not only did I make a bunch of amazing friendships, but it also helped me develop my career after I  graduated from QUT.

As you may know, QUT is a young and practical university with lots of real-world learning opportunities. At QUT, I joined many different clubs and societies,  such as academic clubs. I also became a volunteer in a wide range of social events, landed a couple of internships, and represented QUT at various networking events. And, it didn’t stop there. The amount of support I gained from the QUT community helped me achieve the success I have today.

Being an international student

As an international student, you may be feeling nervous about not fitting into a new environment, worrying about not getting any job opportunities, not sure where to find support, etc. One thing I want to share and that helped me is, take the courage to enrol in activities that QUT is offering, this will help you settle in and become a part of the QUT community a lot quicker.

Work experience

I have also worked part-time at QUT International for the past year. Contributing to the international community was what inspired me the most in this job and it was very rewarding. At QUT, I have encountered amazing mentors, managers, colleagues, and friends which have all brought me new challenges and many opportunities.

Starting a new life and job in Singapore

Never did I know that I would relocate to another new country, Singapore. It was a big decision for me as I already had a group of close friends in Brisbane and even planned to stay there for another two years. Nonetheless, I was approached by a recruiter and landed a full-time job at the Apple Campus in Singapore. I ‘m very thankful to those who contributed to the success I have reached today and to those who nurtured me while I was still a QUT student. Now I’ve got an amazing opportunity to work for a well-known tech giant. I am proud to have studied at QUT and excited to use my university skills in my new job. 

My working table at Apple


Three years of undergraduate studies gave me a lot of memories. All those memories came back to me when I was writing this blog post. I miss Brisbane and I’ll definitely come back to visit QUT when I’m next in town.

Thank you QUT!


Throwback to my award-winning video at QUT, feel free to check this out. Ask me if you would like to know more about QUT and self-development!

International Student Video Competition 2018

Originally from Hong Kong, I decided to study Business majoring in Marketing at QUT in Brisbane. Now as a QUT Marketing graduate, I have moved to Singapore to work for Apple. In my spare time, I particularly enjoy editing videos and taking photographs as I find it to be really enjoyable! As a former club leader for the QUT International community, it taught me so many interpersonal skills and I was proud to be a QUT International student.

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