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How to maintain long-distance friendships during COVID-19?

With the spread of the coronavirus and the increased necessity of social distancing, meeting up with friends has become harder than ever. When the closure of state borders was announced, it was even more limited to travel, take a holiday or see friends in other states. So, in uncertain times, how could we maintain long-distance friendships and keep up the spirit?

1. Check-in with your friends frequently

A small message, a short voice recording, a quick snapshot. No matter where you are, putting in a little time whenever you can is the first step to stay in touch.  My favourite way of keeping in touch with friends is to regularly reply to their Instagram stories, check-in if they’re doing well, or simply react to their life events. I simply believe that sharing little things is so important because it shows how much we cherish each other and want to embrace our friendships.

2. Video call is the key

There always comes a time when we want to have a face-to-face conversation with our friends for some ‘big news’ or simply to have a chat. That’s when video calls become very useful. To be honest, I sometimes have video calls with my friends where we just do funny ugly faces to each other and competitions on who could snap it quicker. Other times, I would have long conversations with my friends that can last for three hours. Whatever works for you and your friends, don’t forget to video call them!

3. Plan an ‘after COVID-19’ trip together

What else can be better than sharing stories with friends?  You guessed it, planning trips with them!

Hmm, it seems travelling between states and countries has become very difficult and it’s very uncertain when this will be changed. However, this won’t stop us from planning our ‘after COVID-19’ trips together. Hopefully, when this pandemic slows down, we will be ready to make up for this long period of social distancing and finally socialise again.  Why not start by planning a trip with our besties?

Long-distance friendship can be difficult, especially under the circumstances that COVID-19 has caused. However, no matter what, remember that this is temporary and the feeling of uncertainty will go away.

“Borders are closed. Friendships aren’t.”

During recent weeks, some restrictions have eased, which made me think of why don’t we catch up with a few friends and go for a picnic. Don’t forget we still have to practice social distancing! Here are some popular picnic spots for you and your bestie to enjoy a break away from this pandemic!

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