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My first year at QUT

We asked Cons a few questions about his first year as a QUT student…

Name: Constantine ‘Cons’
Nationality: Malaysia
Currently studying:  Bachelor of Business/​Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) – Double degree

Beyond his studies, Cons is a QUT Social Media Contributor, Digital Ambassador, and Student Mentor, and on top of all that was recently selected to be the Vice President for the QUT Malaysian Student Association.

How have you liked Brisbane so far?

Moving into a new environment and culture has been an eye-opening experience for me and has given me the opportunity to try and embrace different things that Brisbane has to offer. It has been 12 months since I moved to Brisbane, and I’ve got to say that I have loved the vibes as well as attending activities and events! Brisbane is not like Melbourne or Sydney, Brisbane reminds me of home because it is very chill.

Where are you staying and how have you liked it so far?

I am currently staying at Iglu Kelvin Grove, which is a student accommodation provider. The best part of staying at Iglu Kelvin Grove is that it is at the QUT Kelvin Grove campus. It only takes met about 5 minutes to get to my classes and I don’t need to worry about waking up early to catch a bus. Another good thing about staying at Iglu is that they provide tons of activities for students to join and meet new people who are staying at Iglu as well. Every Saturday, there is a market right in front of Iglu that sell tons of fruits, vegetables, food, and many more. Also, right around the corner, there are supermarkets for you to shop for groceries.

Has it been easy to make new friends?

Making new friends wasn’t a problem for me because I love participating in activities and events that I’m interested in and that helped me to meet new people who have common interests.

Have you enjoyed your studies at QUT?

I’ve found lots of value starting with the QUT International College (QUTIC) Foundation Program because I have got to meet new people and it has allowed me to learn new things which helped me be ready for my first year in the university. Studying at QUTIC was a great decision because QUTIC provided tons of support to help me get into the right track with my studies and offered many activities for me to be a part of.

How did you find out about all the student activities?

I found out about most of the university activities through Facebook, but also from student emails. For Facebook, you need to like or follow the pages in order to keep track of the activities and details; when for student emails, QUT students receive an email each week about all the activities that are happening that week.

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