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TFA – Why did you choose QUT?

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If you want to know why Maalfrid chose QUT, just click the link below!

About TFA

Thanks For Asking (TFAs) is a place for students to share their perspective of living and studying in Brisbane.

Moving from your hometown to Brisbane is an exciting experience because you are about to make new friends and have a new student lifestyle. However, as international students, we often have many questions regarding studying in another country. These questions not only range from choosing a university, or a specific course but also we wonder about which student accommodation is an appropriate place that fulfils our own needs. In addition, we also wonder what we are going to do on weekends, what’s the QUT campuses look like? what’s the public transport looks like in Brisbane? These are just some examples of questions that international students like us have asked before.

What about if I tell you that thanks to these students questions you can have now access to the answers through an authentic student point of view!




Cynthia is from Mexico and has a strong belief that it’s never too late to make your dreams come true. In Mexico, she studied International Marketing and had the opportunity to work as a theatre actress. However, she decided to pursue her dream of being a film-maker studying at QUT Creative Industries. Cynthia wants to share her creative personality, Latin perspective and her sense of humour in her stories on this site.

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