Adjusting to university

Your backpack essentials for university

So, some of you may be starting your first semester really soon but aren’t sure of what to bring along with you while at university? Fret not as I will be sharing with you some backpack essentials that you might need while studying overseas (note this list is non-exhaustive and is mainly for international students studying in Queensland, but others may feel free to check it out too).

Student ID card

First and foremost, this is one of the key things you must bring along with you everywhere you go, as you need it for many purposes including borrowing of library books, having student discounts- be it for food or movies etc.

Go Card

This is important especially when you are taking the public transport as the Go Card (after having activated student concession for travel discounts) entitles you to cheaper transport fees and you can save your money for other purposes. You can get one from convenience stores like 7-eleven or from Translink itself.

Stationery, writing materials & textbooks

If you are a QUT student, be sure to check out your “my personalized booklist” in the “units and classes” tab to view your textbooks needed for the semester. If you are looking for places that sell good but reasonably priced stationery or writing materials, check out Daiso, Officeworks, Big W, Kmart, etc.

A printed timetable

Especially for those who have really complicated timetables (like I had in Semester 1), this one’s for you. I had to organize myself really well especially when I had to do my part-time job on top of university life. I figured out that a printed version of my schedule allowed me to stay on top of things, not miss any classes and remain punctual at all times. If you preferred to snap a picture of your organized timetable and save it into your phone gallery, that works as well.

Laptop/ Mobile devices

Trust me, during university lectures, you may find difficulties penning down all the key points mentioned in your notebook. I highly recommend you to type down those points into your mobile devices or laptops as you may find it easier and faster to type ( great for all fast typers).  Do remember your chargers especially if you have a long day at university.

Gym and spare clothes

If you didn’t know, at QUT, both QUT campuses provide gym facilities for all to enjoy. Why not spend your free time working out and having a breather from your hectic school life?

Other small items

This includes cash, umbrella, hoodies (for warmth in lecture rooms/ tutorial classes), light snacks and possibly a cup of Boost to keep you going  (if you haven’t known it already, Boost  sells the cheapest drinks for everyone so why not grab a cup to energize yourself?)

Hope the above list was helpful and wishing everyone a smooth sailing journey at university!

Hi everyone! I am Nicola and I'm from Singapore. I decided to come to Australia to study because I wanted to pursue my passion for dance at QUT, as well as to gain new and memorable experiences overseas. After graduating from QUT International College I decided to take my passion for Dance further with a double degree in Dance and Education. While studying at QUT I have become actively involved in the local dance community and attend international dance competitions whenever possible. I am certainly enjoying my time studying here at QUT and thankful for all the opportunities QUT has provided for me. My goals are to inspire others and impart my knowledge to future students who can grow and learn from my experience.

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