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Be the master of your time!

Being productive and efficient is critical for students. We might have a lot of assignments to do. We might get a part-time job to do, and we need to manage our leisure time to do things we like or hang out with friends.

Here are some tips for who is struggling with time management:

Attend every class

Wait! I know everyone is getting confused now. Why attending every class helps us manage our time more efficiently? That is because when you attend every class you can have a better understanding of the content. Therefore, it saves much time when you are revising for the exams. If we can do it in a more efficient way, why not?

Find some study buddies

Just like I mentioned above, attending every class is really essential for being productive. If you think that attending every class is a bit difficult for you, I will suggest you grab some friends with you to go to every class and keep reminding each other to concentrate on the classes.

In addition, when you are doing the revise before the quizzes or exams, you can help each other. One good way is to design some questions according to the content and test each other before the exams come.

Keep your phone away!

I know, it is really hard, right? I cannot leave my phone because I am a heavy YouTube addict. However, my world has changed after I found the app “Forest”. It is an app which helps you to put down your phone, and it is just like playing a game. You can set up how long you want to put down your phone and plant a tree. If you fail to complete the task, the trees will die and your forest will become really lacklustre. It would make you remind yourself focusing on what you are doing and be more productive.

Have a planner

To manage your time better, it would be a great idea to have a planner. There are some benefits if you write down everything you need to do:

  1. You won’t forget important things (e.g. when is your assignment due, when do you have a consultation, when is the meeting etc)
  2.  You can plan everything ahead
  3. It would be clear that when is free time. One thing important is that you have to be flexible with your plan. Do not squeeze everything in one day. If you plan the things that you are not able to complete, the planner is totally useless.

By following these four tips, you can also be really productive. Be your own master of your time!


My name is Yu Ni (Sammy) and I come from Taiwan. I'm currently doing a Bachelor of Business and I wish to accomplish my dream of working in a public relations department. My other interests are watching YouTube, making videos, travelling and especially making news friends from different cultural backgrounds. Music is also an important part of my life. As a Digital Ambassador at QUT, I wish to share my own experience with others all over the world and provide information to those who want to get to know more about Brisbane. Hopefully you will enjoy my stories!

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