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Skydiving in Byron Bay

I went Skydiving down at Byron Bay recently! Since my birthday last year, I have decided to choose one challenge to celebrate my birthday.  Last year,  I chose to have my ears pierced as my birthday challenge, so this year I decided to take a big leap for my birthday challenge.

So, I asked my friend to go to skydiving with me. I chose to jump down Byron Bay, about two hours from Brisbane.  The skydiving company has a free shuttle service from Brisbane.  At Skydiving in Byron Bay, you can see the natural scenery and the beach. We went to Byron Bay three times. The first two times were cancelled due to storms and rain. Luckily, the weather was good for the third time!

We gathered at the Brisbane Roma Street bus station at 5:30 am. The driver asked us to sign up for membership and sign the security agreement. When we got to the skydiving point in Byron Bay, we needed to go to the counter and give the security agreement to the staff and wait. Then we waited for the staff to call our name to skydive.

Actually, when they called my name to go skydiving, I felt a little bit nervous. My skydiving Coach taught us how to use the equipment and trained us on what we should do when we were on the way down. When we boarded a plane, I could see the blue ocean through the window, Byron Bay is so beautiful that the beauty of Byron Bay helped me forget my fear. We flew in the sky for about 15 to 20 minutes then my coach and I jumped out of the plane together.

When I jumped down, my brain went blank. The rapid descent made me feel cold and unable to breathe. I felt like my eardrum was covered by something. The coach told me to open my arms as much as I could. After about a minute of descent my coach opened another parachute, we began to fly slowly and I felt that I could breathe. Then I could take off my goggles. I started to see Byron Bay, the ocean, the houses, the pedestrians…Even I was in the sky.  I still feel relaxed because of the beautiful scenery. Finally, after five or ten minutes we landed!

It was an impressive experience! I’d like to go skydiving again! Here’s my video of this great experience!


My friend and I
My coach and I on the plane
We landed!
I got the certificate








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