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Two QUT career events in just one day!

Hi, it’s me again, Frame.

I hope your exams and assignments are almost finished. Keep going guys! We are almost there 🙂

Today, I would like to share about a day I had recently at the QUT Gardens Point campus.  Would you believe in just one day there were two fantastic events at QUT?

Let’s start with the first event which was the QUT careers fair.  The event was held from 10 am – 2 pm. This event provided students with the opportunity to meet with employers from different companies and discuss employment possibilities such as summer internships.  Representatives from more than 20 organisations came to QUT from business, not-for-profit and government sectors. I was very glad that I was there. I was able to consult with the representatives about how should I prepare myself when I graduate and how to start applying for a job and internship. Oh, and there were great freebies too!

The second event was the QUT Business Leaders’ Talk (BLT) that was held just after the Careers Fair in the afternoon. This was an opportunity for students to be inspired by three QUT alumni who are following their dreams now. They came back to the university again and shared their success stories with students.  Each speaker talked about what they learnt as a student and also how they enjoyed fun uni activities. 

One interesting question discussed was “Is GPA the most important thing to be able to get a job after graduation”? Eden Lawrence answered the question and suggested that it is important to look for experiences both on and off-campus because it’s important to practise theory as well as studying from books and lectures. In addition, I was inspired when Lachlan Stevens when said that “Don’t give up on your dreams even though you fail or feel down, you just need to take a break and come back to fight for it again”. I felt very impressed and so glad that I was there in that day. I have learnt a lot of things that have inspired me to keep going on working, studying and also having fun in life.  Especially, working on assessments too. 

Actually, QUT provides heaps of activities for students and everyone is welcome to attend.  It’s also nice to take a break from studying and have a rest.  Managing a timetable well is very important when we are students because it helps us to plan in advance and consider what we have to do or need to do.

I hope you enjoy reading my post.  🙂

Thank you


You can call me Frame. I am 24 years old and I graduated from the University of Khonkaen, Thailand, with a bachelor degree in Science of Chemistry in 2016. Before my bachelor degree, I received a scholarship for an internship in Vietnam for 4 months. I am currently doing a Master’s degree program in International Business. I can speak three languages which are Thai, English, and Vietnamese. I love travelling and learning about different cultures, such as language and food. I came to Australia to follow the dream that I have had since I was a kid: getting a Master’s degree. There are so many exciting things in Australia and I have enjoyed my life since I came here. I am excited to share my stories with you.

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