Weekend on Fraser Island

Recently I joined my friends to spend a long weekend on another stunning island in Queensland, Fraser Island.

Fraser Island is located just north region of the Sunshine Coast. We set off at 2:00pm, and it took us four hours drive up to the ferry station (such a long-distance, hey!) It was near 8pm when we landed on the island. After a campfire, we went back to our room to rest for tomorrow’s adventure.

Day 1

The day one journey began at 7:30 in the morning. We first met our tour guide, Muzz, in front of the hostel. After finishing the half-hour safety lesson, we were led to the 4WD trucks and started off along the island.

While driving to the shipping point, Muzz gave us a brief introduction to the island through the car radio. The island has more than 17 original species of animals and over 80 per cent of green cover.

Landing on the island, after two hours of driving, we first arrived at the first viewpoint, a shipwreck (the SS Maheno). It used to be the most luxurious cruise in Australia back to the first half 20 century. Back travel between Australia and New Zealand before World War I. During World War I, it helped thousands of wounded English soldiers to return home. When it returned to Australia, the company decided to sell it because of the downturn of the global economy. Sadly, no company wanted to buy the ship, and it was eventually shipwreck after a cyclone on the east coast of Fraser Island.

The next viewpoint was Champagne Pool, a natural rock pool located in the north of the island. It was first discovered by Captain Cook and named with between rock pool.

On the other hand, the lake is the only sea site that we can swim across the island. When I first stepped into the water, the feeling is surprisingly not cold but warm. However, as I move forward, the temperature declined slowly and hitting approximately 20 degrees on the seaside of the pool. Waves constantly padded the seaside rock of the lake, hipping into the pool and causing the surface flaking.

After chilling in the pool for an hour, we retrieved back to the car, heading to the last viewpoint, the Indian head.

Day 2

Waking up in the early morning on Sunday, we took two hours to drive to the last viewpoint of the trip, the Lake Mckenzie. It is not easy to access the pool. Due to the lake locates at the deep of Fraser’s forest, it took us an extra hour drive in a rough sand track. Nevertheless, the trip is worth it.

Cristal blue lake with white soft sand beach, the lake is in proper protection. The temperature of the lake is a bit chilly, but it is clear enough for you to open your eyes while diving in.  According to the protection regulator, we were just allowed to stay in the water between 11:00am, and 12:30am.

Generally, Fraser island is an example of an outstanding natural area. On the island, you won’t see the crowed resorts along the shoreline. Instead, you will drive or walk on an endless, white soft beach, roaring sea with rips on your right side and bushes on your left hand. Radio is still a significant way to communicate on the island, no wifi and service on the island. If you are seeking a journey to escape from the blooming emails and calls, embracing mother nature, Fraser is definitely one of the best choices.

Hi, my name is William and I come from Guangzhou China. I love traveling, doing sports, and meeting people from different cultural backgrounds. I'm also a bit of an adventurer, I like to experience new things, as well as writing and reading. I decided to go to Australia to fulfill my dream of becoming independent and learning something new. Currently, I'm studying for a Master of Education something that I really enjoy. I'm a hardworking and motivated person who wants to share my experience of studying and living in Brisbane and hopefully inspire others to study overseas.

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