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In sickness and in health…

Hola my friends!

As an international student in my first year of studying abroad in a new country, I’ve found that sometimes life can be challenging. I’ve needed to focus on many things, in addition to my studies. Adapting to a different culture, making friends and even small things like buying food in a new supermarket, cooking and doing laundry have all felt overwhelming at times.

I consider myself a healthy person. However, I am not exempt from becoming sick once in a while. Recently when I got sick, although I felt SOOOOO terrible, however, I can report to you now that this is now one of my best memories my time here in Brisbane. Being away from home can make you feel uncertain about healthcare, maybe the treatments and medicines are different from your country and more importantly who is going to take care of you?

Well, as the saying goes “in sickness and health” I want to tell you about some wonderful friends that helped me get through this tough time and some practical advice on what to do if you get sick.

Practical advice

Let me start with the practical side of things. QUT has a medical centre on each campus. To get an appointment you can call (+61 (07) 3138 2321 – GP and +61 (07) 3138 3161 – KG) or go online. However, if you really feel bad be sure to let the receptionist know immediately and a doctor will check you as soon as possible. When you arrive there do not forget to register at the reception just to confirm your appointment. If you want to cancel your appointment, let them know four hours before the appointment or you will be charged a $40 cancellation fee. The opening hours are between 9 am – 17:00 pm (Monday to Friday).

After Hours Doctor Service

There are some doctors that can give you service at home. They will go to your home if you are not able to get to the clinic because of your illness or it’s late at night or at the weekend. I have never used these services, but some friends of mine told me that is really convenient in case you really are unable to go to the QUT Medical Centre.

In sickness and in health – friends are the best medicine

OMG! I was feeling so awful, but fortunately, I was surrounded by some friends that helped me and took care of me. Firstly, some wonderful friends helped get home safely, then even more friends at home prepared some tea and cooked some food for me. I was away from my Mexican family, but my Aussie friends (from many countries) became my family and made me feel so much better. I think that taking care of each other as international students and supporting each other makes us feel confident, secure and valued.

It’s best to avoid becoming sick, but it’s good to know the health care services that QUT provides are there for us. However, the bright side of being sick was that my friends helped me feel loved, and cared for – just as if I was at home in Mexico. I’m so grateful for having such a good Aussie family.

Los quiero a todos!!!

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