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How to say goodbye to your exchange semester?

Hi guys, it’s Ha again. Today, I would love to share with you some small tips on how to say goodbye to your exchange semester!

Time flies when you are happy.  No matter how much you want to hold on that moment, there comes a time that you have to let it go. My exchange semester was coming to an end so it was time for me to start packing and say goodbye to Vienna. The beautiful city that has been my home for the past five months.

So, I came up with a list of the top five things you could do in the last few days of your exchange semester to complete it in the finest way. That is how I coped with the reality of leaving Vienna.

1. Create a list of things you must do before leaving the country

No journey could ever complete without the feeling of ticking all the boxes on your bucket list. Don’t forget to note down all your want-to-go places and visit them for the last time before leaving the country.

For me, my favourite things about Vienna were the charming cake/Kaiserschmarrn stores and numerous summer activities along the river, which I did make the most out of it by attending festivals and visiting coffee shops for cake every single day left.

2. Spend the time left with your most beloved ones

During the exchange semester, I had a chance of meeting many friends from many countries around the world. However, little time left means I could only spend my time with the most beloved ones. And, so do you! Spend your time wisely and simply enjoy those last happy moments to the fullest with the people you love.

3. Eat all the local food as much as you can

My last day in Vienna ended with a huge Wiener Schnitzer. Good food counts!  That amount of meat was actually enough for me to temporarily say goodbye to Schnitzer for a while. I would call this an effective protection plan since it could actually help me miss Viennese food a little bit less, just in case you need this too.

4. Appreciate the city scenery for the last time

Vienna was such a beautiful place that I would never forget. Even when I am here in Brisbane now, the feelings of walking in between the elegant European architectural buildings or chilling at the docks along the gorgeous Donaukanal are still vivid whenever I let my mind wander around. Don’t miss the chance to appreciate the city scenery for the last time while you are still there. And remember to watch the breathtaking sunset, the pinky-peachy-orangy typical European sunset that you will find nowhere else!

5. Cry on the plane

Now that I think about it, the plane has apparently been my safest spot to cry every time I leave a country. If you share the same situation as me, welcome to the Mile Cry Club! After all, saying goodbye is always a tough thing and you are allowed to cry when you feel like. Since crying on the plane also helps enhance your sleep, perhaps it’s a good idea to embrace the sorrow of separation for the last big-time and cry a little bit 🙂

You know it would be a real struggle to come back when you become too attached to a place after only a few months living there.

I wouldn’t deny the difficulties of transitioning from a dream life back to reality and trying to juggle between staying happy as on exchange and fulfilling all the commitments at home.  However, an exchange semester ending doesn’t mean all the fun stages of your life coming to an end either. Keep your exchange mindset and you’ll be surprised by what exciting things are waiting for you to explore in Brissy!

Hi guys, I'm Ha from Hanoi, Vietnam. I'm currently in my last year of my Bachelor of Business (Marketing). I decided to come to Australia as I was passionate about collaborating and working with people from diverse cultural backgrounds as well as exploring new places. During my learning journey at QUT, I have been fortunate to travel to many countries such as India, Austria and Germany through exchange programs. If you ever want to go on exchange or a short-term program and have questions, feel free to connect with me! Through this channel, I hope to share my university experiences and encourage you to take on new opportunities and make the most of your student life!

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