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QUT Open Day

Hi everyone, today I would like to talk about QUT Open Day! Have you heard about that day before?  I went to the recent QUT Open Day. It was very nice, there were heaps of students, families and other people that had come to explore QUT.  Moreover,  there were many faculties such as Business, Law, Education, and Science and also staff to talk and provide information to everyone. The QUT Open Day was like a chance to talk to staff and chase a good opportunity at university because it was not only giving information about each faculty but also scholarships, studying abroad and exchange as well. Everywhere at QUT was surrounded by live music that made the atmosphere very chill.  Another activity which looked like the most popular was a QUT tour which involved going for a guided walk around QUT with a staff member or student who would introduce each QUT building.

Open Day is the place to gather a heap of QUT freebies !!!! Since I came to university, I got a free bag immediately!  lol After I visited a scholarship zone, I received stationery such as pen, highlighters, and note. To be honest, I didn’t go to university because of freebies hahaha.   If you were hungry at Open Day, you could go to grab free popcorn and fairy floss too! Definitely, I got both of them! hahaha

I was pleased to attend the Open Day.  I heard about the ways to find a job after graduation and scholarships which I have been thinking of them since my last semester started. Actually, there are many QUT services for students that I haven’t known before as well such as IT, insurance and societies club. I was happy and had a good time at QUT Open Day 🙂

Hope you guys enjoy reading my post. 🙂



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