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“I’ll do it later” How to beat procrastination


It is defined as the action of delaying or postponing something according to the Oxford Dictionary. A concept with which almost every individual is familiar. It is a part of our lives and we experience it on a daily basis. But just because procrastination is universal doesn’t mean that it’s a good idea. There’s a good chance that you could be procrastinating right now by choosing to read this blog. I think it’s safe to say that, as students and as a youth in general, we have a much higher tendency to procrastinate especially due to the many distractions within our reaches such as social media applications, video streaming services and media devices in general. Thus, we turn to these distractions in order to avoid the workload of our studies. My name is Joshua and I’m currently pursuing a Diploma in Information Technology at QUTIC. This blog is my attempt to assist you in your constant battle against procrastination as a QUT Student.

Unfortunately, there isn’t just one way or method we can follow in order to prevent ourselves from falling victim to this tendency as it could vary from one individual to another. However, in my experience, there are a few common adjustments you could make to your lifestyle which may bring about a change and assist you in maintaining a stronger focus on your work. I can’t promise that these will work for everyone, but it sure won’t hurt you to try.

Allocate your time beforehand

Doing something as simple as creating a to-do list for the next day may help you to keep on track with your work. It would also be more effective if you allocate time slots for each specific task with the maximum possible time for each. I find this most effective when I set a reminder for each task an hour beforehand so that I’m always on top of each task. Also, if I get the task done in less time than I allocated for myself, I consider it as a reward of free time.

Communicate with other involved parties

If you’re putting off an individual assignment and the due date is approaching closer and closer, you could speak to one of your peers on their progress. This could motivate you to get started on yours as well. Meeting up with your peers at the library and working on the assignment at the same time could also help you out as you will be inclined to maintain similar progress to theirs.

Put yourself in an active study environment

The preferred locations of study vary from one individual to another. Some may find studying at home more effective while some prefer a library or a similar environment either individually or surrounding themselves with peers. However, regardless of preference, I found that studying in a library or a study room of sorts really motivates an individual. This is even more effective when you figure out the times at which you’re most productive (whether you’re an early morning to late night person). The combination of the right place and time could give your productivity a massive boost.

Put your phone away

I know. Pretty obvious, but easier said than done. However, simply putting your phone on silent mode does not help no matter how much you convince yourself that it will. I find myself much more productive when I turn off my phone or set it on ‘Do Not Disturb’ mode. I don’t expect everyone to find this step easy but if you do manage to get it done, your productiveness would bump up a few levels for sure.

Reward yourself

This is one of the most effective methods to keep you focused. But at the same time, it can also be used as an excuse when taken too far. You can reward yourself with something minor in which you hold interest at certain time periods when engaged in a task. Some of these could be a five-minute break, a snack or a little bit of online time every hour or two depending on what you prefer. It is of utmost importance that you convince yourself to stick to the time period and to keep the reward to limited time as there is always a possibility of it becoming a proper distraction in a short time.

I’m no expert in avoiding procrastination. However, these simple steps are what I find effective and what I use on a daily basis to get my work done. It’s tough, but it works.

I hope that by reading this, you may find a helpful tip or two that will help you to get your work done. And if not, don’t worry about it. You could always do it later!

My name is Joshua but people usually call me Josh. I am currently pursuing a Bachelor of Information Technology majoring in Computer Science. I was born with an undying passion for the ever-developing field of technology. I love to code and mix in a bit of graphic design and video editing on the side and I always look forward to learning new things. I consider myself to be a coffee addict and the same applies for movies and TV series. I find great satisfaction in helping others which is what I aim to achieve through my blog posts and it is my hope that you may gain something of value through reading them. Happy Reading!'

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