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Trampoline night

Hola my friends!

Do you know the benefits of living in student accommodation like Iglu?

Well, let me tell you that sometimes they organise some student activities for free! That is amazing, isn’t it?  For example, recently we had a ‘’Trampoline Night’’.  We went to Bounce Trampoline Park in Tingalpa. Bounce is an indoor playground that has 50 trampolines where you can jump (no experience required, just for FUN or even if you are an expert in extreme sports this place is for you.

My friends and I are not experts, but we know how to jump, lol, so, we were so enthusiastic to go. In my case, I hadn’t been on a trampoline since I was a kid. It was a great experience; my friends and I had a fun time together and we had the opportunity to meet other students that also live in Iglu.

Bounce also has an area where you can practice your ninja skills, like the program of ‘’Ninja warrior’’. To be honest, sometimes I saw this program and I thought it was easy to do that. However, yesterday I proved my skills and ability, but it is not easy at all!

If you live here with your family while you are studying, or maybe your birthday is coming, it will be a good experience to go there because is a place where everyone can enjoy.

For me living in a student accommodation like Iglu has been a great experience not only because of the great facilities that they have, or the comfort to live near QUT but also because they are always looking out for our wellbeing and they provide us with a variety of activities so we can relax and enjoy Brisbane while we are studying.

We all ended so tiredly after jumping all the time and the bright thing is that we did a lot of exercise in a funny way! Just do not forget to bring your own bottle of water because you will be thirsty!

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