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Go global with QUT summer study abroad!

As an international student at QUT, I never considered going on exchange. Why? I felt I was already living an amazing international experience studying abroad in Brisbane, 16,000 km away from home. However, one-day last semester I received an email from my faculty, Creative Industries, promoting a journalism study abroad program at the University of Arts London. And my immediate thought was: why not? 

After all, even if it seemed to be very close to where I come from and not a notable exotic destination the three-week course might be interesting. I was right: studying abroad is an eye-opening experience. My first day at the London College of Communication, I was thrilled to explore the campus. It felt amazing to discover new study and creative spaces, new teachers, new classes and classmates. 

The course was three weeks long. And I loved every day of it.  

I felt very lucky to live in a new city and at the same time study with the help of local teachers and professionals. During the three weeks course, I met seven journalism professionals, made a YouTube video, published an online blog, wrote a feature and worked with my classmates on the class project, a print magazine. Three weeks of pure discovery which have made me love my studies even more than I did before, giving me several new ideas and future career projects. 

Aside from my studies, I have visited London and all its boroughs, starting from the most touristic such as Westminster to the edgiest, Shoreditch and Camden Town. Now back, I feel fortunate to have lived such a pleasant experience without which my bachelor would certainly not be the same. 

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A side note: my QUT international team officer was really helpful and made the whole application and departure process very easy! 

"Always smiling and energetic, Federica loves to keep her days busy, spicing up her life with new everyday challenges. Coming from France with mixed European origins, Federica loves to explore the world and its cultural diversities while moving in several different countries. After a bachelor in economics and a mind-opening internship in Taiwan, the curious young girl realised she had a strong passion for writing and decided to move to Brisbane for the start of a new study path in journalism. Passionate about world issues and a strong defender of human rights, Federica would love to use her job to inform the public about society wrongdoings. Aside from her studies, Federica enjoys any form of art and expression and loves walking around Brisbane to admire the work of street artists. After 3 semesters at QUT, she hopes to share her personal experience and all her good tips to fully appreciate as a student the beauty of Brisbane."

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