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SwitchOn your creative skills with QUT

As soon as I received the email about QUT SwitchOn, I was immediately intrigued to apply. Having researched the state of the start-up market in Australia in some of my subjects, I thought this boot camp would be a great chance for me to develop an entrepreneurial mindset myself.

The program was designed to encourage students to think outside the box, stimulate creativity and develop teamwork skills. Through an intense brainstorming session, which continuously challenged our brain to pump out new ideas and look at the matter from different perspectives. Being in a team meant each one of us had to efficiently communicate the ideas to team members to come up with the best one. Furthermore, the program introduced a step-by-step framework of bringing that idea to life. The activities involved identifying the target, putting the idea into the trial, calculating its viability and demonstrating to the audience, all within a time limit.

Overall, the program was beyond amazing. This program would be beneficial for not only those who want to start their own business with innovative ideas but also for students who want to develop great people and business skill. The program was not only about creativity, but it was also about communication, collaboration, efficiency and effectiveness. At the end of the day, I felt confident that I have obtained valuable skills that would help me in the real world.

Written by Heidi Lee, SwitchOn participant and a Bachelor of Business/Bachelor of Laws (Honours) student.

Learn more about SwitchOn here.

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