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Tips to survive university life- Work edition

Hello everyone!

Welcome back to my second edition of surviving university life… and yes this blog is especially for those who are trying to find a part-time job or have already found a part-time job while studying in Australia. As I have mentioned in my first blog, I am teaching dance as my part-time job, and since dance is my passion I absolutely love my job even though it’s exhausting. This brings me to my few brief but effective tips.

Find something that you are (hopefully truly) passionate about

Maybe you love to work in a dedicated team in hope of boosting a company’s sale, so a retail job may be something you’re interested in.  Love to whip up food? Try working at places like Hungry Jacks or Burger Urge. Or perhaps you have a talent and you would like to make use of it, such as teaching music, dance, or academic subjects. Just bear in mind that in order to make your work life more bearable, try to find something that you wouldn’t mind doing every week.


Google is your best partner, literally. Try ( or AU.INDEED.COM ( to find jobs that are suitable for you. There are a wide variety of jobs that you can look out for, and you can even set your desired location for job availability which is really convenient. If Google doesn’t work, try going to stores physically with a resume ready (ps. heard that there are higher chances of you securing a place in the job, but not guaranteed).

Plan, plan, plan

Again, I am re-emphasizing the point on planning. Make sure you have a detailed weekly timetable and if you find yourself having to keep up with so many assignments, I strongly recommend you to focus on your studies before committing to other responsibilities like a part time job. Make sure that you have sufficient rest during the week before making plans on your job shifts.

PS. In case you didn’t know, your student visa enables you to work up to 40 hours per fortnight during the semester, and unlimited hours during semester break. Do remember to prepare a cover letter or resume while applying for jobs both online and in person. Be confident of yourself while being interviewed for a job as this can also boost your chances of securing your spot!D.S



Hi everyone! I am Nicola and I'm from Singapore. I decided to come to Australia to study because I wanted to pursue my passion for dance at QUT, as well as to gain new and memorable experiences overseas. After graduating from QUT International College I decided to take my passion for Dance further with a double degree in Dance and Education. While studying at QUT I have become actively involved in the local dance community and attend international dance competitions whenever possible. I am certainly enjoying my time studying here at QUT and thankful for all the opportunities QUT has provided for me. My goals are to inspire others and impart my knowledge to future students who can grow and learn from my experience.

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