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How to work on team assessment efficiently

Hi guys!

The end of the semester was so exciting for me because one of my units as a filming student required me to do my first documentary as a group assignment.

This documentary was managed as a real team production. This means that we had to do all the paperwork, development of the brief, the script, the risk assessment project, and the daily log. However, the hardest part was to assign the activities for each member due to the time table of some peers that had to manage work and Uni. Also, we had to consider the abilities and experience of each team member.

So, I believe that many students find it challenging working in a team because you never know how your team is going to function together and how it will affect your grades.

This fear can be overcome by setting up basic team rules as the following:


To be honest, communication is the primary rule of almost everything. It sounds simple, but I bet you that it’s the most difficult rule to follow. We are not used to expressing what we think because sometimes we are afraid of the critiques. However, if we acknowledge that any critique is good feedback the fear may release.

Focus on time

Sometimes you might find that some of your team members are performing poorly. This can affect the motivation of the rest of the team, as well as your final grade. If this is the case, do not wait until the end and tackle since the first red light. Ask them what is going on and find a solution together as a team.

Delegate tasks

Be strategic and delegate tasks effectively. This can also build trust between the team members. Discuss areas of expertise and skills of each member and assign them accordingly.

Time management

There is a famous saying saying: Time is money! However, in this case, time equals LESS STRESS! Consider that you probably have more than one unit! Therefore, you have more than one assignment! So, if you plan effectively your time, you will reduce both yours and each member stress.

Enjoy the process

Don’t forget to enjoy what you are doing. Life is too short! Enjoy the process of working on a team and be open to collaborating with others. Different mindsets can give you a different perspective and it can enrich your knowledge.

Always have in mind that working on a team is a collaborative process and your actions can affect the development of any project.

The bright side of a team group assignment is that your peers become your friends and future partners!


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