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Are you planning to study abroad at QUT? Are you getting ready for the semester to begin? You might be planning where you are going to live and perhaps you want a place near QUT campus.

Well, let me tell you that Brisbane has many student accommodation options. Planning of where to live while you are studying is very important because it’s the place where you are going to spend a lot of time and you want to feel like home.

I know that you might feel uncertain about which are the best options. It is not the same to see just pictures than experience the place by yourself. However, I want you to have a great experience while you are studying at QUT and living in Brisbane.

So, let me tell you about a fantastic place to live: IGLU Student accommodation!

I have been living here for a year and it’s an amazing place. Here are some of the reasons why I love this place.


Iglu has incredible facilities for students. For example, the place that I love the most is the gym (I love to work out every day) The gym has the essential equipment for students and there are also classes during the week like, yoga and boxing (these classes are for free!) BTW, I love the boxing class!

In addition, Iglu has common areas that you can book, and you have a shared kitchen. If you want to study in a silent room, guess what? Iglu has study rooms that you can book when you have a group assignment or if you just want to study in a quiet place. These rooms are your best option.

But what about the apartments? Well, the apartments are quite nice. I live in a shared apartment with five flatmates. The apartments are on two floors. I live upstairs, I have my own room and I share a bathroom with 3 girls. We have a lovely common area where we can relax, chill out or watch TV and the kitchen has the essential types of equipment (microwave, fridge, and mini oven)


The cost is really affordable. It includes bills, such as electricity, water, Wifi, so you do not have to worry about paying those services. Additionally, during the semester we have free breakfast! So, you can save money every morning! BTW, the gym is also free!


Iglu has two convenient locations. Both locations are really close from QUT campuses. If your campus is Gardens Points you can find Iglu in the City Center,10 mins by walk. However, if your QUT campus is at Kelvin Grove (like me!) guess what? Iglu Kelvin Grove is in front of the campus. Also, Iglu is near to the QUT shuttle bus (which is free!).

Recreation & Events

Iglu has the best activities for students! Depending on the month the lovely staff organise a variety of activities. For example, last weekend we had a Taco night. It was amazing because they played Mexican music and those little details made me feel at home! We also have had Trivia night, karaoke or movie nights! (all these events are for free!)

Iglu is a really great option if you are planning your student accommodation and it’s also a safe place. The staff is always there to help you. They are a great team, who focus on every detail to make you feel like home.

For me this year has been awesome living at Iglu and I am having a great experience making more friends from different countries.

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