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QUT OZ EX work experience program

Hello everyone, I am Sara who is a final year marketing student at QUT. Today I want to share one of my uni experiences which you do not want to miss! Have you ever thought it’s very difficult to land a job as an International student? Do you wonder what it is like working with a local company in Brisbane? If you have similar thoughts on your mind, check out this article to find out what QUT is offering  International students.

What is QUT OZ EX?

QUT OZ EX is a new program offered by QUT International and it aims to provide International students with hands-on Australian industry experience,  connect with an in-company mentor and develop teamwork and communication skills. All International students are welcome to apply and successful candidates will be assigned to work for a local company for one week.

There were over 300 students that applied but only 100 students were allocated into 20 teams. I was pleased to be selected into this year’s OZ EX program and being a team leader of 4 in Q Shelter. Despite having some past work experience in Brisbane, this program was exciting since I got to work with other International students from QUT.

What happened in the OZ EX program?

In each team, there is a team leader, communication officer and team members. As a team leader, my role is to be the facilitator and serve as the main contact point with the industry mentor and team members.  I also monitored the project progress and maintained the group dynamics in a professional way. Each team is assigned to complete an in-company project, and a communication task where we need to post content to our team’s Instagram account. For example, we posted our team’s introduction, mid-way review of our projects, memorable team moment, etc.

The industry task that I had was to provide reviews, recommendations and develop a preliminary implementation plan on Q Shelter’s membership strategy for the next one to two years. Since this is real-world working experience, the proposal and report that we presented were actually going to be their upcoming strategies. How satisfying, is that!? I am so proud of my team that we took part in the program to learn and apply the knowledge that we’ve learnt from our studies at  QUT.


Some take-home points for students:

I would say this program was very engaging and meaningful and I highly recommend to International students. First of all, local internship experiences are essential to university students. During your studies, it is encouraged for students to apply for jobs and strengthen their hard and soft skills. Do not underestimate the work experience that you have, who knows who you are going to meet when you are working and the critical thinking skills that you can gain there. Secondly, since it is not easy to land a job as an International student, we should value every opportunity to develop yourself.  QUT understands International student’s struggles and provides us with this great opportunity. Lastly, you will be able to increase your social and professional network throughout the program. As you may come across other staff and students who are related to your industry, friendships and relationships can be cultivated too!


Originally from Hong Kong, I decided to study Business majoring in Marketing at QUT in Brisbane. Now as a QUT Marketing graduate, I have moved to Singapore to work for Apple. In my spare time, I particularly enjoy editing videos and taking photographs as I find it to be really enjoyable! As a former club leader for the QUT International community, it taught me so many interpersonal skills and I was proud to be a QUT International student.

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